Inside Dublin

Depart:           La dolce vita wine bar, 5 Cows lane, Temple Bar Dublin 2 at 11.30 am

Frequency:   Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Duration:       2,30 - 3 hours


Inside Dublin is the first project of SENZA META - Out and About. The project was born from the desire to highlight the hidden side of Dublin, starting, ironically, from its most popular quarter: Temple Bar.

Senza Meta - Out and About is not just a walking tour. We want to help you to discover the real Dublin and Ireland.

It is not a standard tour, but more likely it is a walk through the streets that witnessed the birth of the real Dublin: The Liberties.
Here you can breathe the air between the stalls of Meath Street, very popular among the locals, the art of Francis Street, the favourite street of antique dealers. Walking then towards Portobello, you will find typical Irish homes and a tailor's shop that also doubles as a café. You can enjoy a good pint of beer at the Bernard Shaw Pub; in its back garden you can order a pizza at the Blue Bus and dine on its top level.

During the walking tour you will meet the Irish people whose work makes Dublin become a "dream city" for many foreigners who have landed here simply for a holiday or for work reasons. Locals will tell us their stories and recount the legends of these quarters and the distinct way they melt together. They will also tell us their life stories and experiences which will help us understand the significance of living in Dublin today. The aim of my project is cooperating for the success of other ones, in the communities where the tour takes place. 

Included in the Tour:  cake and coffee

Facilitations and discounts for the participants in the following shops:

  • La dolce vita wine bar
  • Caffè italiano
  • Fusco's fish and Chips
  • Wuffè cafè
  • Over the top tour
  • Dublin City Bike tour
  • Piccola accademia di italiano
  • Travelling Language School