Life in Ireland


How is the weather in Ireland? Which kind of clothes should I bring?
There is a proverb in Ireland which says that Irish people are the only ones to be able to see the 4 seasons in one day. That means indeed that the weather is always changing in Ireland. Sun and Rain seem to play hide-and-seek.
Another Proverb says that there is no bad weather, just bad clothes. So take clothes suitable for rain and cold, but don’t forget that sun exists also in Ireland and you will probably need some shorts and a couple of t-shirts! If you forget to bring some clothes, don't worry! We have Penny's Stores where you can buy from sunglasses to underwear for €5 :)


Which kind of documents do I need to go in Ireland?
It depends where you come from. If you are an EU citizen, you will just need to bring your valid National ID. If you come from outside the EU you will need a valid passport. For more info on VISAS check out this link!

Is my driving License valid in Ireland? Can I rent a car with my driving license?
If you have a full driving license issued by an EU/EEA member state you can drive in Ireland as long as your existing license is valid. Yes you can rent a car with your foreign driving license, you would need to be at least 23 years old and will also need a credit card, rent a car with EazyCity.

How can I get my PPS Number?
You need the PPS Number to work in Ireland and pay your taxes. To obtain your PPS number, you will need to go in one of the local Social Welfare Office (here is the list of offices in Ireland) and produce the following documents:

  • Your passport or your ID card (only for EU/EEA citizen)
  • Evidence of your address (EazyCity can provide you with this document if you book your accommodation with us)
  • Evidence that you have a regular job in Ireland

How can I open a bank account in Ireland?
Open a Bank Account in Ireland is easy. You’ll just need some documents and book an appointment with the bank. Please find below the documents that are required:

  • Your PPS Number
  • 2 proof of ID
  • Evidence of your address


Which is the situation regarding employment in Ireland? And in 2018?
Since the end of the recession (yes, Ireland managed to beat the recession at the end 2012), job opportunities have increased a lot, especially for foreign Europeans. This is due to the espansion of multinational companies (Google, Facebook, Paypal, Hertz, Apple, Ibm, Dell, Trenmicro, Rci, Starwood, Amazon) and the growth of the local economy... The recession that Ireland experienced from 2008 to 2012 was mainly a financial crisis. Also the real estate sector collapsed and it is now on the way to recovery. The European Commission has upgraded its growth projections for Ireland in 2015, estimating that gross domestic product (GDP) will grow by 3.6 per cent next year, up from the 3 per cent level forecast six months ago.

Is it required to have a good level of English to find a job (unless I am an English native speaker)? How long will it take to find a job?
It depends on what kind of job you are looking for. A good level of English is always required to work in a foreign country unless you are an English native speaker (especially for qualified positions), there are also several jobs where you don’t need a high level of English at the beginning (especially for call centre or restaurant / bar / retail work) because the company understands that you are here to improve the language but they do require some experience in customer service / sales. Many International companies in Ireland (Google, Facebook, Paypal, Hertz, Apple, Ibm, Dell, Trenmicro, Rci, Starwood, Amazon) specifically look for Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Scandinavian mother tongue speakers for their technical support, sales, costumer service and after sales departments.

To find a job it could take between 1 and 6 weeks or more. Again, it depends on your skills, work experience and motivation. 

If you are not an English native speaker we can translate your CV and support you with our Job Plans!


Where are located the apartments? Are the apartment all furnished (washing machine, Drying machine, etc …)? Are the bills included? Is there Internet in the apartment? Do I have to pay for Internet?
All our apartments are fully furnished and are located in the city centre. All properties include a fully equipped kitchen (Washing Machine, microwaves, fridge, vacuum cleaner, etc…) and a free Wi-Fi internet connection. Moreover, all bills are included in the price that you can see on our website. Most of our houses and apartments are shared. You can book a single or double room via our booking form. We also partner with local host families and have a couple of small studios.

Are all properties only managed by your company?
Yes, all our properties are managed by our company. No middleman.

What do I need to do to book a room in one of your houses / apartments? Do I need to pay a deposit or rent in advance? Is there a minumum stay?
You simply need to visit our accommodation page select your property preference, fill out the booking form and pay our booking fee (you can choose to also pay the security deposit and rent in advance or on arrival). You will immediately receive your booking confirmation via e-mail. Our team will do its best to assign you the property you selected otherwise if we don't have availability for the property you selected we will assign you a property of the same standard. All our properties are of a good standard. We require a minimum stay of 2 weeks but we are quite flexible around the Christmas / New Year period and we also accept bookings for a minimum stay of 2 days from December 20th to January 5th.

How much is the deposit and how does the notice period work if I wish to leave the house?
EazyCity is very flexible and only requires a small deposit (no other guarantees required) of €200 fully refunded on departure by cash, credit card or bank transfer. We require at least 7 days notice to leave our accommodation in order to get your deposit back. Most landlords will ask you at least 6 or 12 months contract and 1 month notice, which makes our service VERY FLEXIBLE!

Can I book a twin space even if I come alone and not with a friend?
Of course you can, we will assign you a twin space with another person of the same gender. Some people prefer to book a twin space to share with another person, save money and practice english or another language.

What about if I come with a friend or partner and want to book a twin or double room?
If you book with a friend we will assign you a twin room (2 single beds) or a double bed if you are couple.

Is it possible to have a parking place?
Some of our proprieties have a parking space and we can allow you to park your car for free. However, you have to mention that in your booking request and before your arrival in order to get organised.

Are there adaptors in the accommodation? Where can we buy it?
You’ll be able to buy your adaptor in one of our offices on arrival for just €5!

Can we invite friends in our house?
Of course you can but we do not allow overnight guests unless you let us know and we authorise it.

Courses, Study Packages and Internships

Are the schools you work with accredited? Do I
save money if I book with you?
We work only with language schools (Cork, Galway and Dublin) accredidated by ACELS and Quality English. By booking a study package with EazyCity you will be get a reduction on the cost of school enrollment (usually from 50 to 75) and other additional costs (costs of bank transfer, welcome on arrival, etc ...). In addition, our accommodation rates (both in an apartment and in a host family) are lower than those of the school which usually adds a mark-up. The apartments, being managed by us, they cost just less than the rates of the schools. Visit our study packages.

I would like to do an internship, how does it work? Do I get paid? How long can I do it for?
We organise internships in various sectors (from hospitality to marketing). We require approximately 4 weeks notice to confirm your internship (guaranteed before your departure, otherwise we will refund the 50% down payment you paidfor this service). We require 50% of the internship fee to start the search and the balance once we confirm your internship. The majority of internships are NOT paid, though some employers offer expenses (to cover part of the accommodation or transport costs). In the hospitality sector usually the employer includes meals and or gratuities. The internship abroad should be seen as an investment to improve the language and to get work experience, to find work more easily after the internship.

We require a minimum of eight weeks to do an internship otherwise we offer the opportunity to gain work experience of a minimum of 4 weeks through our Study and Work Packages.

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