A good resolution for 2017: fight loneliness

06 Jan

Happy New Year everyone! Now 2016 is over and we’re going through a new year full of surprises. I’m sure each one of you made very good resolutions to make this year better, I wish that you all hold onto these resolutions and I that 2017 will be even better than 2016. Do you know what would make this year better? A good resolution to help others. The best gifts are not the one we receive but the one we give, so why not give some of your time and energy to a local charity? 

ALONE is an Irish charity that is focusing on helping old people. They’re looking for volunteers to come and see old people, talk to them, give them some companionship. It’s not a professional job so you don’t have to take care of them like a home-help care assistant, you just need to be with them and make them forget their loneliness. This cause is pretty important, you can make these people feel good, feel alive. It’s not an easy thing to go through loneliness, and you can help them to fight this. You can also help with coordination and projects, or participate in fundraising campaigns or go to schools and talk to kids to make them understand why ALONE is important. There’s a lot of possibilities if you want to help. 

Any kind of people, with any kind of ability, or at least the will to help and to make other’s life brighter is welcome here in ALONE, if you have to fulfil a resolution, it should be to help others. By bringing colours in their life, you’ll be able to make yours shinier. So come and take a look at ALONE’s website, try to share some of your happiness with people who need it.